The Guam Solid Waste Authority (GSWA) was created through P.L. 31-20 as an autonomous, public corporation on April 4, 2011. The Legislation established an agency to handle the operations of what was formerly the Solid Waste Management Division under the Department of Public Works. The legislation's stated objective is to achieve GovGuam's eventual resumption of all functions, responsibilities, and authority for solid waste management and operations, and the governance thereof.


After 11 years of being under the management of a Federal Receiver, the District Court of Guam handed the day-to-day operations of GSWA to the GSWA Board and new Management Team on April 30, 2019




The mission of GSWA is to provide a safe and healthy environment for the people of Guam through proper, timely, and efficient collections of refuse materials throughout the villages and urban areas and to assure their proper disposal in legally permitted facilities.




  • Curbside Trash Collection
  • Curbside Recycle Collection
  • Bulky Waste Collection
  • Residential Transfer Stations
  • Household Hazardous Waste Facility
  • Hauler Only Transfer Station
  • Layon Landfill




Customer Type Count
Residential Customers 21,264
Commercial Customers 42
Government Customer 49


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