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US EPA Information Sheet announcing closing of Dededo Transfer Station on June 20, 2015
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The Guam Solid Waste Authority (GSWA) currently operates three Residential Transfer Stations on the island. The operating hours of all Residential Transfer Stations are:

Harmon Street Transfer Station

The new Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facility and Harmon Residential Transfer Station opened January 23, 2015. Both facilities are located on Harmon Industrial Park Road behind the Government of Guam’s Department of Public Works complex. (see images of the construction)

Agat Transfer Station

Located on Route 2 on the south end of Agat.

Malojloj Transfer Station

Located on Route 4 (Malojloj Highway) just north of the intersection to the Talofofo Falls

Residential Transfer Station Rules and Fees

As you enter the facility, a solid waste technician will survey your material and estimate the type and quantity of material you have. You will be directed to place recyclable items in the recycling containers and trash in the trash container. Banned material will not be accepted.

The transfer station is for use by residential customers only.  No commercial trash is allowed. 

Accepted Materials




Household Trash

Price is based on volume which is estimated by the pay attendant in the following manner:

  • The minimum charge is $7.50 from one item up to the top of the sidewalls of a regular 8 foot pick-up bed.
  • If the amount is above the sidewalls and approximately half way to the top of the truck cab, the price will be $15.00.
  • If slightly above the truck cab, the price will be $22.50. If significantly above the truck cab, the pay attendant will assess as needed.
Sofas, Mattresses / Boxsping $7.50 per item 


Free if placed in the recycling container

Glass Bottles and Jars

Free if placed in the recycling container

Banned Material

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