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YARD WASTE - composting

Brush and Limbs | Grasscycling | Composting

Make Your Own Bin

Wooden pallet | Wood and wire | Concrete block | Wire mesh
Wooden three bin | Can | Barrel

Wood and Wire Compost Bin

Wood and WireThis portable bin provides a convenient way to compost yard materials. It fits well in small spaces and may be used either as a holding bin or as a portable turning unit. To turn the pile, harvest finished compost or build a new pile, simply undo the latches, pull the sides apart and move it. When turning the pile, transfer the existing composting materials into the empty bin at its new location.

Cost: Less than $100 to build using new materials, less if recycled materials are used.

Capacity: Holds 1 cubic yard or 8 to 10 30-gallon bags of yard materials



Construction Details:

Source: University of Wisconsin–Extension - Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center

Brush and Limbs | Grasscycling | Composting

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